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In a world unwillingly shared between several advanced races, from the human to demonic to the technologically evolved, there is little unity. Civilization is already recovering from at least one instance of total collapse and little remains known by the general public of much that came before. Government varies from community to community, where some possess no structure at all. People rarely travel beyond the borders of the area to which they are born and familiar, because nothing is certain of what lies beyond other than the risk of the unknowable.

Kyojun is a young boy with no past and an indefinite future. His only friend is his computer, Xaiven, and the people he has met through "her" who, like himself, feel estranged from the world around them. Kyojun will risk everything to embark on a journey of discovery once he realizes that, in fact, he has nothing to lose to begin with.

Life begins the moment that he breaches that threshold.

The future
and the past
lie ahead...

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