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Kyojun Zythias

Age: 14
Gender: male
Birthday/Zodiac: February 9th, Aquarius
Bloodtype: B
Kyojun is thoughtful and empathetic. Extremely open-minded and unbiased, he has the capacity to befriend almost anyone. He hates monotony and protocol and prefers taking his own actions. Kyojun has a deep and unabatable thirst for knowledge and experience, and detests being confined to one place for too long. He is deeply analytical and opinionated and has his own personal code of ethics, though it is often forged in the moment and based solely on instinct.


Age: very young/very old
Gender: androgyne
Birthday/Zodiac: September 17th, Virgo
Bloodtype: none
Xaiven is a young child, many decades older than her companions. This makes her both playful and carefree, yet knowledged and even maternal. Though a bit out of touch with human experience and emotion, her technological brain and input receptors vastly enhance her sensory perception. This grants her superior observational skills and a keen insight and objectivity which often surpasses even her flesh-and-blood peers in understanding themselves and each other.

Zakaru Daemon

Age: 15
Gender: male
Birthday/Zodiac: November 1st, Scorpio
Bloodtype: AB
Zakaru has no prejudices, he hates everyone equally. Though apathy may be a better description, as his introverted nature makes him difficult to anger. His temper, however, is dangerous. His moods, though generally buried, are deep and sharp. He doesn't care about politics; history repeats itself and will continue to do so until something ends it for good. He hopes to be there for that, because an explosive end holds greater appeal to him than a meaningless meantime.


Age: ??
Gender: ??
Birthday/Zodiac: ??
Bloodtype: ??
Description pending.

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