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Jordan was born with a powerful left brain from his father and a powerful right brain from his mother, which cancelled each other out. His math skills would indicate that the left brain is unlikely to intimidate a raisin, leaving ample room for the right to swell and flourish, but sadly this is not the case. He is left with a twice-crippled cerebrum and no dominant traits, making him mind-lockingly analytical when he's trying to imagine and hopelessly imaginative when he should be analytical. This amounts to a love of things imaginative in tandem to an annoying discriminative streak which constantly dictates the strengths and weaknesses of his loves and asserts that it could somehow do better. Jordan is highly dubious of this particular assertion of his brain, and yet helpless to silence it without at least exercising his own patented brand of rationalized insanity. Then there was Eldritch.

Pointless Trivia

  • Jordan is a no-good bum.
  • Jordan is a terminal geek.
  • Jordan is a discriminating yet unrepentant otaku.
  • Jordan is a 12-year-old 20-something.
  • Jordan aspires to be a pirate samurai.
  • Jordan is his own antithesis.
  • Jordan sometimes isn't.

Jordan frankly doesn't know what to say about himself, so here's a picture of his cat.

Yuzora is a computer geek who enjoys typing, chasing the cursor around the screen and lounging on the keyboard.

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